Election 2022: The Verdict

This has been an extraordinary night in Jersey politics – unprecedented in my lifetime. A tsunami has swept away most of the government along with the political party with which it was most closely associated. 

Despite the size of the political earthquake, it is not a surprise. The view that was expressed to me over and over again on the doorstep was that people had lost trust in government, they’d lost faith in the States Assembly, they had almost given up hope. 

The seriousness of the people’s verdict is sobering. It places a great responsibility on those of us who have been elected. We have been given our mission. We need to use this election to reset the relationship between the people and the States Assembly. We must work to renew the ties that bind us. 

Whether it’s the cost of housing and the wider cost of living crisis, problems with recruitment or protecting the environment, we HAVE to show that we get it, and that we’re prepared to take action. 

We need to act with urgency, with determination, but with cool heads. 

Many of our problems are long term and complex and they will take time to sort out.

But some of our problems are short term and need urgent action now. That’s why I’m saying that the new Council of Ministers should immediately prepare an emergency budget, with measures that address the short term cost of living pressures, and the problems we have with recruitment. 

This is a moment for leadership that can reach across political divides, bring the island together, and chart a new way forward. I look forward to working with all members of the new Assembly to achieve that goal.

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