Jonathan Renouf

for St Brelade

Making Jersey work for everyone

This was my campaign website for Jersey's June 2022 election. I was elected as one of St Brelade's 4 deputies on June 22nd and on July 11th was selected as Environment Minister. I will maintain this website as a record of my campaign, and may add occasional blog posts.

People, Place, Prosperity

My vision is that Jersey should be an inspirational place to live, work and play, with a quality of life that is the envy of the world. We should be a beacon, showing how it is possible to generate prosperity for all whilst protecting the environment. 

Some of you may think we’re there already, but I know that for many we’re not. I believe passionately that Jersey should offer everyone the opportunity to live a good life.

Our future needs to be built on a commitment to people, place and prosperity. We must protect what makes Jersey special whilst finding ways to develop in a smart, inclusive and sustainable way. I think that’s a really exciting mission, full of possibilities.

I’m a Jerseyman and a proud parent of two boys who go to Mont Nicolle and Les Quennevais, so I know some of the challenges of everday life in Jersey. I think I have the energy, the passion and the ideas to make a difference.

Please read on if you’d like to find out more about me, what I stand for, and my manifesto.

Jonathan in 30 seconds

Watch me try to condense quite a few years into just thirty seconds of video (I'm a TV producer after all...).