Social media and communication

I’m approaching social media a little differently now I’ve been elected to the States Assembly and become minister for the Environment.

First, I don’t have anywhere near as much time as in the past, so I am posting (and browsing) much less frequently. Weekends more than during the week.

Second, my primary social media communication channel is Twitter. I’m hoping to use LinkedIn more in the future. I use Facebook and Instagram for more personal posts, although occasionally also for politically related subjects where I think the “audience” is appropriate.

Third, I cannot comment on individual planning applications. This is because I may be called upon to determine the application (if it becomes the subject of a planning enquiry or if it is the subject of an appeal), so I need to maintain impartiality. However, I can address issues of broader planning policy that are sometimes raised by planning applications.

Fourth, I try and engage constructively on social media. I will not respond to rude or aggressive comments, and if they come repeatedly from the same source I will block them. Social media can be a really positive way of exchanging ideas and opinions, and that’s the spirit in which we can all gain from each other.

Fifth, the best way to contact me directly is via my email I read all my correspondence and either reply directly myself or ask my assistant to reply on my behalf, having discussed the nature of my response. This email is the best one to use as it means there is an official record of correspondence. I aim to reply to emails within two weeks.

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