Emergency Budget

At the Les Quennevais School hustings on Tuesday (14th June), the candidates were asked how they would deal with the cost of living crisis. I argued that the new government should come forward straight away with an emergency budget to offer immediate help. It is blindingly obvious on the doorstep that the public have lost … More Emergency Budget

Reflections so far

After several weeks of campaigning, here are my reflections so far (summed up in the accompanying video). First, unless I’m very much mistaken, this is going to be a change election. The desire to throw out the “current lot” seems almost universal and very passionately expressed. Old hands may well say that it sounds like … More Reflections so far

Green hustings

Green hustings at Durrell last night – a great event, which was also a reminder of just how much environmental issues permeate almost every issue that faces the island. I was asked what I would do to improve food security – here’s my answer. (Afterwards Andrew Le Gallais from Jersey Dairy chastised me for saying … More Green hustings