Why I’m an environmentalist…

When I announced I was standing for election, I self identified as an environmentalist. Not everyone thought this was a good idea – some people said I might come across as an eco extremist and alienate voters. Here’s a video with some thoughts about that. In brief, I’m not an extreme environmentalist, but I do believe in the concept of stewardship. As a species we have a responsibility to look after the planet, which is after all our life support system. And here in Jersey we have a responsibility to look after our own environment, which I take to mean handing it on to the next generation in as good or better shape than we found it. There are so many ways in which protecting and enhancing our environment can make life better. I see huge opportunity for example in our mission to reduce carbon emissions: healthier lives, less pollution, a boost to our tourism industry and so on.

2 thoughts on “Why I’m an environmentalist…

  1. It’s a change of mindset that is required.

    People need to stop thinking as if they are “giving things up”, but rather more look at addressing the environmental issue as embracing a new and exciting era of change that delivers long term prosperity for all. Investment in the future one might say.

    Same goes for tangible wealth to a degree….resources are finite so people need to shift towards putting greater value on non tangible things…like health, love, freedom, democracy etc.

    Second point is probably too much for society in Jersey…….😂



    1. Good points. That change of mindset is so important, and but it needs leadership – if government isn’t continually talking about the positives, then it leaves too much space for those who are resistant to change.


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